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By NBC 29 News. NELSON COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) – The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) will not conduct a study on three pipelines projects, including the hotly contested Atlantic Coast Pipeli…

Source: FERC Will Not Conduct Virginia Pipeline Study

No Time to Think

AT 1pm today (Tuesday) more than 600 members of Wolverhampton South West Constituency Labour Party were informed by email that their Leadership Nomination meeting – scheduled for tomorrow – had been cancelled.

The CLP executive said the cancellation was due to: “The High Court ruling yesterday, we would have to invite over 600 members, which can’t be accommodated and it is not possible to find a larger venue in 24 hours and inform all members”.

A final denial of democracy in this gerrymandered leadership election.

Sharp intake of breath.

Then with a bitter twist of irony, a letter arrived from the sitting Labour MP Rob Marris explaining why we (ordinary Labour Party members in Wolverhampton South West) should NOT be voting for the incumbent leader Jeremy Corbyn.

But this was no ordinary letter… it was a SEVEN page epistle of Marks and Spencer’s proportions dripping with bile, innuendo, misinformation and…

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MP accuses firm of anti-BFAWU intimidation

Source: Morning Star :: Nasty pasty bosses ‘bullied unionists’ | The Peoples Daily

Senior research fellow DAVID LOWRY explains how the government’s impatience to frack the countryside could unleash dangerous amounts of radon

Source: Ministers ignoring the radioactive risks of fracking

Source: Dorset bus drivers strike in protest at poverty pay

CHARLOTTE HUGHES has been blown away by the support for her campaign against jobseeker sanctions

Source: Morning Star :: Two years of solidarity with the unemployed | The Peoples Daily


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