EXCLUSIVE: Papers expose Tory attempts to undermine socialist civil servants’ leader

Source: Morning Star :: Thatcher’s Plot To Crush Trade Union Leader | The People’s Daily

I am not one to often accuse the extreme far-right of being dense. If you have not worked that out by now for yourselves… My blog yesterday about a story emanating from the book of London UDA chief Frank Portinari had a strange reaction however. Some began a witch hunt …

Source: The Insider’s blog: Far-right round up: Another Polish fascist deported

The impact of industrialised societies on Earth has been described in a mathematical formula that should scare us all, says Owen Gaffney

Source: Simple equation shows how human activity is trashing the planet


or do you all believe Trump ,ALEC, and the Koch Bros,and James Delingpole and the rest of the climate deniers.?

Big Oil knew about anthropegnic climate change and hid it from us.in the same manner as Big Tobacco told us fags were good for you and similarly hid the eveidence.

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He’s not very bright our chancellor, is he? Self-employed people face an increase in their National Insurance (NI) contributions as the Chancellor says he wants to “tackle the unfair burden on people in employment”. 

He could have simply reduced the rate of NI that employees pay instead. He’s a bit of a wally. We did have a period of economic growth last year, second to only Germany, apparently. Good old Tories, eh?  Hurrah! But I wonder who will benefit from that, assuming it’s really a growth in the economy ?It won’t be disabled people claiming Personal Independence Payment (PIP) with severe psychological distress who can’t leave the house, that’s for sure. Or those suffering epilepsy, both types of diabetes and blackouts who need support with their treatments.

All of these conditions in fact: Mood disorders – Other / type not known, Psychotic disorders – Other / type not known, Schizophrenia…

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Same Difference

Changes to limited capability for work payments

From 3 April 2017, new Universal Credit claimants who are found to have limited capability for work following a Work Capability Assessment (WCA) will not get the limited capability for work payment of Universal Credit.

The change will not affect:

  • existing claimants who are getting the limited capability for work payment in Universal Credit before 3 April 2017
  • existing Universal Credit claimants who make a claim before 3 April 2017 on the grounds of having a health condition or disability and are later found to have limited capability for work following a WCA
  • existing Universal Credit claimants who have a further WCA on review after 3 April 2017 and are assessed as having limited capability for work – this includes claimants who change from having limited capability for work and work-related activity to having limited capability for work
  • claimants who were…

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Red Brick

From the Evening Standard

We normally look in vain for more housing investment in a Tory Budget, and this one had no surprises. Hammond ignored housing and in so doing merely confirmed what we already knew: he’d already made an almost imperceptible shift away from subsidising the private market towards more ‘affordable’ housing in his Autumn Statement last year. That was enough. Housing’s got what it’s going to get for the next four years, in addition to putting up with further, deeply damaging welfare cuts and reductions in rental income.

Along with the Budget, this week saw publication of the UK Housing Review, celebrating 25 years since it was first created as the Housing Finance Review by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and edited by Steve Wilcox ever since. One of its many virtues is that it painstakingly documents what the government spends on housing and enables us to get…

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An international campaign to support Bangladesh’s trade unions in the face of a government crackdown has won key concessions. Global unions, backed by a strong stance from brands sourcing from Bangladesh, including several members of the UK’s Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), secured the release of almost all the trade unionists arrested in the recent crisis… Read in full

Source: Bangladesh breakthrough as global unions rally in defence of workers