Pride's Purge

The retired Met’ Detective Chief Inspector who took a photograph of Diane Abbott MP drinking a mojito on a train was disciplined and forced into early retirement because of his far-right wing posts on social media.

In 2016, DCI Mick Neville faced disciplinary action for homophobic comments and rants about “left-wing idiots” and migrants who have “turned London into a foreign city”.

Unluckily for Mr Neville, and the Sun and the Mail who tried to make something from this story, their plans have backfired spectacularly.

The story has only gone to make Diane Abbott more human and more popular in the public’s eyes.

Personally, I think obsessive strange men secretly taking photographs of women on trains is much more worrying than someone taking a little drink from a can on the way home from work.

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Pride's Purge

This might be my most controversial blogpost yet. But truth hurts sometimes.

And here it is.

Antisemitism exists in the UK. Real, stomach-churning Holocaust denial, hatred for Jews so strong some people would literally see other people burn because of their race or religion.

I myself had to wade through this disgusting bile in an investigation we made of the most active British anti-semites who are openly operating online:

Profile of British antisemites: right-wing, anti-Corbyn, pro-Brexit, love Daily Mail, hate Muslims too

Our investigation revealed that anti-semites almost always hate Muslims and people of other races and religions too, and that most anti-semites in the UK are on the Right and actually hate Jeremy Corbyn, not support him.

Of course, it’s not rocket science. Racists are racist, racism is racism.

And there is a huge amount of it. Black MPs such as David Lammy and Diane Abbott get massive amounts…

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An online petition calling to Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU has blown past 3,000,000 signatures in over 24 hours of going viral. The petition website crashed repeatedly as it received its fastest number of signatures since its inception, alongside the millions of signatories coming back to stare at the figures in disbelief.

The backlash from the No Deal agitators came quickly: pointing out a fraction (~1%) of the signatures were apparently signed abroad (possibly from the 3m British expats or those on holiday), sneering at the “liberal elite” “Remoaners” who were trying to “steal democracy” and the moderates who were “betraying Brexit”.

I support this petition wholeheartedly. Am I a liberal elite? Liberal, maybe, but “elite”? My dad immigrated here as a student in 1957 and my mum left school at 16. I grew up near Portsmouth. I went to state school, worked part-time stacking shelves and…

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Pride's Purge

Jacob Rees-Mogg openly supports a right-wing group called ‘Turning Point‘:

Turning Point is a US import into the UK, headed by a right-wing US activist called Candace Owens:

Candace Owens was cited by the main New Zealand mosque terrorist as his main influence:

Rees-Mogg backs the motivators for murderous terrorists.

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180912 100 Women Protest2 100 Women rally in Parliament Square, London, 12 September 2018. Photo: DrillOrDrop

A committee of the United Nations has recommended the UK government consider a complete ban on fracking.

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190219 Newdigate BGS Newdigate earthquake on 19 February 2019. Chart: British Geological Survey

People living near Newdigate in Surrey reported feeling another earth tremor this evening.

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