The government’s decision to drop the requirement for all new school buildings to be fitted with sprinklers is a retrograde move, writes Tam McFarlane.

Source: The government’s ruthless decision on school sprinklers is a huge mistake | Fire Brigades Union

There are over three million EU citizens living and working in the UK who are concerned about their future right to remain in the UK. Many Brits currently living and working in the rest of the EU have the same concerns about their own future. Organisations like the TUC and the CBI, along with individuals…

Source: Taking back control of our borders. Unless you’re a city fat cat.

The UK is set to miss targets for sourcing energy from renewables by the end of the decade, MPs have warned.

Source: UK ‘to miss renewable energy targets’

SOLOMON HUGHES asks why government ministers are keeping their talks with disreputable outsourcing firm Serco a secret

Source: Morning Star :: Making a mockery of transparency | The Peoples Daily

Source: Justice for Colombia news: Academic and political prisoner Miguel Angel Beltran freed from prison!

A new movement to address the global food waste problem is bearing fruit

Source: 10 Innovative Solutions to Food Waste

Analysts say cuts in emissions will need to increase sixfold if the powerful G-20 nations are to meet the climate challenge on reducing greenhouse gases. – 2016/09/01

Source: The Carbon Reduction Pledges of the World’s Most Powerful Economies Are Far Too Low