Pride's Purge

(satire – I think)

Fruitcakes, bananas and nuts across the country are expressing fury at suggestions in the media that they are in any way similar to supporters of UKIP.

In a statement released to the press, a spokesperson for an alliance of assorted fruits along with fruitcakes explained the reasons why so many of them object to being compared to members of the Europhobic party lead by Nigel Farage:

It’s outrageous that innocent fruit and cakes are being compared to UKIP. There have never been any recorded instances of bananas, nuts or fruitcakes being homophobic or racist. And we wouldn’t be seen dead wearing blazers either.

The fruitcake denial comes not long after other groups representing cuckoos and hatstands also released statements strongly objecting to being compared to a party of people who try to make out they’re libertarians but in reality are just a bunch of overweight, grumpy, right-wing authoritarians who don’t like foreigners and…

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