I came across three pictures this morning that speak volumes about this government – about its deceptiveness and its real agendas.

The first, from the PCS union via Sue Jones’ excellent blog, nails the government lies about the UK’s supposedly over-generous benefits system. The Tories in particular (although the LibDems tamely parrot the ‘company’ line) love to talk about ‘making work pay’ as though the way to do that is by turning unemployment into destitution.

They talk as freely as they do inaccurately about ‘people on £100k of benefits’ and the ‘need’ to cap benefits at £500k per week ‘because it’s not fair that working people should get less than those on benefits, and use their ‘skiver vs striver’ rhetoric to deliberately mislead those who don’t know better into thinking that the ‘welfare’ cuts only affect some mythical class of layabout, when in fact the vast majority receiving benefits are…

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