Some time ago, I asked readers to write to their MPs about the blatant lies told by the government, and in particular the DWP, about disabled benefit claimants. The responses of Tory MPs have been remarkable for the pure nonsense they contain – and many were almost identical.

I posted last night a guest article detailing a remarkable series of emails between John LeBrocq and his MP Andrew Murrell, but my thanks go to everyone who took the time and trouble to write to their MP about the disgraceful behaviour of Work and Pensions Secretary Iain (Duncan) Smith and his colleagues. If I used every single response, this article would become very unwieldy, but the selection shown is very representative.

As you read these responses, bear in mind the context:

  1. The government’s claim was very clear – that almost 900,000 people “dropped their ESA claim rather than face medical assessment”.

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