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Much has been discussed recently about a possible fracture within the Labour Party, a fracture of The Left and a change in the relationship and funding of affiliated trade unions. Ed Miliband has said he wants to “mend , not end” Labour’s link with trade unions. This interesting article from paulinlancs speaks frankly about the past changes which led to a ‘professionalisation’ of politics where only the middle class remained loyal. A demoralised, disillusioned working class have exited the party, and now need a voice. Is the Labour Party going to change its structure, and become the party of the working class once again, or will others fill that vacuum?

An Open Letter to Ed Miliband – on the future of the Labour Movement

From paulinlancs (Though Cowards Flinch)

A couple of weeks ago Ed Miliband gave what was branded a watershed speech, in which he sought use the Falkirk selection…

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