Red Brick

A niche housing blog like Red Brick doesn’t expect any story to go viral – that’s reserved for royalty, pop stars and funny animals doing tricks. But in October 2011 our attack on a programme on welfare researched and presented by Radio 4’s John Humphrys became our biggest ever hit.

The Red Brick piece – ‘John Humphrys, hubris, and welfare dependency’ – criticised the basic premise of his hour-long BBC documentary – a year in the making, we were told, and involving a (no doubt) all-expenses paid trip to the USA – that ‘a dependency culture has emerged….. A sense of entitlement. A sense that the State owes us a living. A sense that not only is it possible to get something for nothing but that we have a right to do so.

We pointed out that Humphrys apparently got paid nearly £400,000 a year to be rude to…

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