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George Osborne is The Most Dangerous Chancellor Britain has Ever Known:

By Gracie Samuels @GracieSamuels

George Osborne is the most dangerous chancellor Britain has ever had. He tells us the economy is on the mend, but on the mend from what? On the mend from his austerity policy which he deliberately inflicted on the economy slamming it into reverse at a time when it was already gently recovering from the worse global financial crisis for over 80 years?

Osborne chose to take this country down a blind alley in 2010, telling people if we didn’t go where he wanted to lead us we would end up like “basket case Greece”!  The only basket cases here was George Osborne and David Cameron – liars too! Thanks to Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling, who managed to retain the country’s triple A credit status throughout the financial crisis, the UK was in…

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