Pride's Purge

(rape trigger warning)

The SWP leadership’s appalling efforts to dismiss and belittle allegations by two female members against a senior member of their Central Committee have brought the revolutionary socialist organisation to the brink of complete self-destruction.

But just who is the man at the centre of sexual harassment and rape allegations – simply referred to as ‘Comrade Delta’ by the SWP – which have done so much damage to the party?

‘Comrade Delta’ is of course Martin Smith – long-time National Secretary who (apparently) resigned as a member of the SWP last July.

There was always a small chance the Socialist Workers Party could have survived the devastating long-term effects of the extremely serious allegations against Smith which emerged round about a year ago.

But it’s increasingly looking unlikely after the SWP’s recent disastrous conference which has led to yet more resignations from its already depleted membership.


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