Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Lib Dems!)

The civil war in the Liberal Democratic Party over sexual harassment allegations against its senior members continues to worsen.

A couple of days ago, Nick Clegg decided to suspend MP Mike Hancock’s membership of the party after shocking allegations of sexual harassment against him came to light:

Shocking extracts from the leaked report into sexual harassment by Lib Dem MP

Nick Clegg claims he acted “immediately” despite evidence his office was first made aware of the allegations as long as 3 years ago.

But just last night local Liberal Democrats in Portsmouth voted to defy their leader and keep Hancock in his lucrative position in the cabinet despite the ruling from Nick Clegg:

Hancock keeps his role on city council cabinet

One of the local Lib Dem councillors Cllr Les Steven even openly admitted he had voted to support Hancock because he is his friend

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