Dr Caroline Shuldham, Director of Nursing and Clinical Governance at Royal Brompton and Harefield Foundation Trust reflects on Well and White’s paper in JRN December 2014  The impact of the economic crisis and austerity on the nursing and midwifery professions in the Republic of Ireland – ‘boom’, ‘bust’ and retrenchment

This blog continues JRNs contribution to the debate, is nursing in crisis?

There is increasing evidence from around the world (Needleman et al 2002 and 2011: Aiken et al 2012 and 2014 inter alia) that there is an association between nurse staffing levels and patient outcomes. A variety of factors including the ratio of patients to nurses, the proportions of registered to unregistered nurses and the education and training of nurses have an impact on outcomes such as pressure ulcers, hospital acquired infections, patient satisfaction, falls, and mortality. Better outcomes are found in the presence of better staffing.

Thus the decisions about…

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