Waiting for Godot

A story.

I have a friend. No, a real friend. I’ve known him forever and he’s the most risk averse person I’ve ever met. He was risk averse at University. And his job now? Think of the job that would be suited to the most constitutionally risk averse person in the world. No, more risk averse than that. That’s what he does.

He lives in an estate. No, the kind where houses are especially expensive. And several years ago he called me up because he was buying what us Labour Party voters these days call a mansion. And he wanted to know whether he should accept his solicitors’ suggestion to use a stamp duty avoidance scheme.

No need to discuss the technical details of how these schemes operate. But promoter develops ‘idea’; punts idea to public through a range of intermediaries. Charges punters 30% of stamp duty land tax saving…

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