Joshi Herrmann

When Nick Clegg and Richard Branson urgeda rethink of British drugs laws this week, the main dissenting voice wasthe Centre for Social Justice, the influential right-wing think tank. They released a strikingsurvey on the topic, whichthe Guardian(and other major outlets) quoted at length.

…But the Centre for Social Justice, a charity closely associated with the work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, claimed charities on the front line in the struggle against drug addiction are opposed to decriminalisation. In recent CSJ research, nearly three-quarters of charities surveyed were concerned about the effect cannabis use had on their clients and families. More than half (56%) felt the decriminalisation of cannabis would lead to an increase in its use. Less than a quarter (23%) thought it would not.

I asked the guy who does PR for the CSJ who the “charities on the front line” were. He said they were all…

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