Same Difference

Readers, I have just read that SheilaHolt, who had severe bipolar and a heart attack which left her in a coma, after being pushed into the Work Programme, died last Monday.

Sheila Holt’s was perhaps one of the most high profile cases of what I like to call ‘DWP madness.’ The Mirror had been following the case for some time.

Same Difference has also been following the case for over a year. It is a case that stayed with me. I think it is a case that will always stay with me.

I often thought of Sheila Holt after I first heard of her case. I often wondered what happened to her.

Readers, now I know. Now we all know.

Hers is another life lost to DWP madness. Hers is another life that was made much more stressful and much less pleasant at its end because of DWP madness.

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