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Since the formation of Labour Friends of Football, our Co-Founder and Vice-Chair, Andrew Pope, has been thinking long and hard about what policies should appear in the 2015 Labour General Election Manifesto. We are publishing some suggestions for national policy that tie in with Labour’s national campaigns – and we want to hear your views on them, and your ideas. Get in touch!

The Justification for The Living Wage

We believe that there are unacceptably high disparities between players wages and the average national wage. There are also huge imbalances between players wages and the pay of other people working at football clubs that employ professional, full-time footballers.

Correspondence via @LabourFootball Twitter seems to suggest that not many (if anY) clubs currently pay the Living Wage, but that Labour supporters want it. This should follow anyway, since Labour nationally is committed to encouraging the Living Wage, and has announced an…

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