Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory


While I enjoyed Anne Field’s polemic in the open letter to a socialist voting SNP, I cant help but feel it was addressed to one tendency in the Scottish left while missing a much broader swathe of leftish opinion in Scotland and elsewhere.

There is a loose grouping of ex Trotskyists and Stalinoid Trotskyists whose long march away from class politics had led them into being be the left wing auxiliaries of the SNP. Tommy Sheridan is the most obvious example of this. On the way they have shed nearly all of what working class internationalism they ever had but retain the sectarianism and fondness for heresy hunting learnt from old organisations. This is the tendency Anne Field is addressing.

However there is a much wider, larger group of politically healthier people attracted to support for the SNP, or people in England and Wales hoping they do well. This…

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