Waiting for Godot

In a series of blog posts pre-dating thatFT editorial, I argued that the non-dom rule is an unsightly bribe to those with some foreign connection to come to or remain in the UK; that the structure of the remittance basis (which taxes income and capital gains brought into the UK but not those left outside) discourages the very thing (inward investment) that we should want to encourage; that establishing someone’s non-domicile status is incredibly difficult – a fact which may be responsible for the fact that in the last decade HMRC have only taken one domicile case to the Tribunal; and I also asked why, if the introduction of the remittance basis charge didn’t reduce the number of registered non-doms, it should be thought that abolition of the remittance basis should cause the sky to fall in.

I also advanced a policy suggestion:


But what I want to…

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