Red Brick

The Fabians have published a timely and strong new report written by John Healey and John Perry making ‘the overwhelming case for new public housing’.

It is timely because it appears as the Election enters the short campaign and the outcome is so uncertain. Housing has featured in the Election but in a familiar guise, as if the – undoubtedly important – issue of access to home ownership was the only thing that matters. I suppose we should be pleased to have had a minor reprise of the 1950s and 1960s Election campaigns when the parties traded housebuilding promises.


John Healey

Healey and Perry summarise the housing crisis and challenge the Parties: “It is a measure of a nation’s politicians whether they can rise to the big challenges their country faces. Housing is now such a test.”

john perry

John Perry

At its core, the crisis is a simple…

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