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As the former boss of the NHS slams politicians for not addressing the financial ‘black hole’, will the pledged £8bn merely be used to pump prime further privatisation and cuts? The introduction to a series examining the parties’ NHS manifesto pledges.

The NHS electioneering has so far been dominated by arguments about whether the Tories ‘unfunded’ £8bn pledge is better than Labour’s ‘funded’ £2bn pledge.

But this morning David Nicholson – the old boss of the NHS – weighed into the argument with a bombshell.

He told the BBC that in any case £8bn won’t be nearly enough to save the NHS from entering a period of “managed decline” with ever-lengthening waiting lists.

Nicholson is not alone – the Health Foundation said much the same earlier this month.

But Nicholson has gone further, criticising politicians who were making election pledges of a 24/7 NHS…

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