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Rupert Dreyfus

Hi folks,

Like a lot of people in the UK, I feel as sick as a dog right now. I am non-partisan, but am vehemently anti-Tory and fear where this election result is going to take us over the next five years. We can now only watch in horror as the government dismantles our public services for the benefit of big business while punishing the most vulnerable people among us. Meanwhile we’re becoming an isolated, insular and divisive nation which only serves the rich and powerful. Not to mention our rights, both in and out of the workplace, are set to disappear which will undermine hundreds of years of struggle and progress (wait for no fault dismissal to come in to the workplace…). How my fellow citizens have fallen for this is something I will never, ever understand.

This situation is set to get much, much worse with what’s coming our way. We’re going to witness…

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