Labour Briefing

John McDonnell MP lays out a strategy for the left after Labour’s election defeat

THIS IS THE DARKEST HOUR THAT SOCIALISTS IN BRITAIN HAVE FACED since the Attlee government fell in 1951. It isn’t just the scale of the electoral defeat – but the overwhelming incorporation of so much of the Labour Party into the political and economic system that the Labour Party was founded to transform.

That the candidates for the Labour leadership so far have failed to mount the slightest challenge to capital shows the abject state of near surrender of the Labour Party. No core Labour principle is safe in the rush to not only return to Blairism but even go beyond.

JMCD4Redistribution of wealth through taxation is denounced as “the politics of envy.” Privatisation of the NHS is acceptable as long as it “works.” Caps on welfare benefits and toughening the treatment of migrants are supported…

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