Media Diversified

by Neda Tehrani

Last week saw the start of the Labour leadership contest, which now continues to take shape. Harriet Harman, Labour’s current acting leader, has argued for the importance of an open debate that prioritises public inclusion in Labour’s future, over and above the need to find swift opposition in the form of a new leader. While it is promising that debate has not been shut down, when taking a closer look at the candidates for Labour, we are forced to question how much range is offered to us in the current contest.

The standing candidates collectively share the sentiment that New Labour’s failure was by and large due to the movement’s inability to gain right-wing support. Post-election, many expected and hoped that a criticism of New Labour would centre on both Miliband’s ceaseless indulgence of and refusal to challenge right-wing policies – a criticism that would have authentically…

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