frackpondAt first glance to the photo above, this looks like an inviting swimming pool.

It’s not.

This is a frack pond, also known as impoundment pits.

It’s huge and it’s full of toxic liquid waste from drilling and fracking operations.

The natural gas industry will tell you it’s just “brine” or “salt water”. The industry will tell their workers it’s just “brine” or “salt water”.

It’s not.

It is full of toxic liquid waste.

It’s hazardous waste.

In August 2011, Randy Moyer started driving trucks hauling the “brine”. He didn’t know what else was in the “brine”.

Sometimes we’d go in the tanks.  They’d use the super sucker to clean them out.  In there you would wear a hardhat and goggles but no mask.  In the tank you’d spray hot water to clean out the frack fluid…The more they spayed and the longer I stayed in the wetter…

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