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There is a river that runs by East Liverpool, but you do not swim in it. There are crops that grow from the ground in East Liverpool, but you do not eat them. There are brisk winds that blow the cool Ohio valley air through East Liverpool in the summertime, but you do not open your windows to let them in. You do not do these things because today, thanks to the siting of the world’s largest permitted hazardous waste facility in their backyard, East Liverpool is a place of sickness…a place of cancer…a place of death. It was not always like this. 250 years ago, when the Wyandot, Mingo and Shawnee Indians called this place home, the hills of what is now East Liverpool were verdant and bountiful. The Three Sisters of the Iroquois—maize, beans and squash—grew in abundance and old growth forests teeming with beaver, black bear and…

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