Shortly after the general election, fearful of another 5 years of anti-austerity Osbornomics, I asked the Labour Party about the benefits, expectations and costs of becoming a ‘registered supporter’. I had to write via the ‘contact-us’ page at the official website because there appeared to be no way to uncover the information on the site itself.

It’s the kind of predictable question for which I assumed the party would have a prepared, easily accessible, enticing answer. I was wrong. I tried asking via Twitter, squeezing my question politely into a 140-character message to @UKLabour: “Grateful to know how I become a ‘registered supporter’, the benefits etc., any cost, and if allowed to vote in leader contest.” That’s the kind of customer enquiry that usually evinces a rapid reply on Twitter from successful modern enterprises, savvy about social media. Labour, however, is not one such. I received no reply at all…

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