Exposing UKIP

John Golding – ‘What Next After The Election?’

UKIP attracted a respectable number of votes at the general election and even managed to attain total control over Thanet district council, but it still wasn’t the groundbreaking result they had been so confident of. Farage’s resignation and subsequent decision to salvage what remained of his tarnished career by compelling the party’s NEC to keep him on regardless has triggered a rather messy ongoing internal civil war, and no amount of secretly whipping his underlings to declare undying loyalty is going to rescue his flagging career.

That’s not to say anti-racists can simply pack up and move on though. It should be noted that UKIP was only a couple of percentage points behind hoovering up numerous seats, coming second in 120 constituencies and third in many more. In Thurrock, it was only one percentage point between Labour and the Tories – a…

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