The Rascal Multitude

According to a YouGov poll, Jeremy Corbyn is set to be the next Labour leader. Now, YouGov polls haven’t always turned out to be spot on (just ask Ed Miliband), but this is huge.

Some people are thrilled.

Others, not so much. ‘Shy Tory’ Liz Kendall, one of Corbyn’s fellow leadership candidates, seems more outraged by the idea of Jeremy Corbyn than the anti-welfare legislation the Tories are pushing through. Which is interesting.

And then… Well, then Tony Blair got involved.


Tony Blair just couldn’t resist coughing up his own two cents all over everyone’s shoes. If you’ve got a spare 90 seconds and feel like wishing you were dead you can read what he said here, but the gist of it is that Tony Blair is certain Labour need someone exactly like Tony Blair right now.

(And you know, now he’s finished successfully bringing peace to the Middle East, maybe he’d be just the guy, if he can squeeze it…

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