Utrecht is a city to visit.The UK has much to learn from Utrecht.Norwich should twin.


Dynamic parking guidance systems are well-known all over the world, for cars at least. Utrecht has just started using such a system to guide people to bicycle parking facilities and that is a first! The Dutch are sometimes accused of resting on their laurels, there would be no innovation in The Netherlands. Anyone who knows just a little bit about the situation in this country should know that that is utter nonsense! There is a lot of innovation in all aspects of cycling and cycling infrastructure. Adjusting the lights in a cycle tunnel to your personal taste, with your smart phone? Check. Setting the traffic lights to green as you approach? Check. A bicycle roundabout? Check. Dynamic information about the fastest route across an intersection? Check. Bicycle streets? Check. All directions green? Check. And what about all the new big bridges that are built?…

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