When I was training they gave us a wage.£25 a week for 3years and qualification to join the NHS superannaution scheme.Give the trainees a living wage.

100 miles from the sea


In December 2008, when my son was 17 months old, a few days before Christmas, my partner Ian was sacked from his job as a recruitment consultant.

Except he wasn’t, because the company he worked for (and had for years) claimed in the letter they sent that it was not a dismissal or a redundancy, it was a termination of contract, which turned out to be them breaking employment law.

Working in recruitment was not fun. In the space of a couple of years his wages dropped from about 18K to not much above minimum wage as various small firms he worked for made cuts or went bust. The duties didn’t decrease though – he was on call at all times with company phones that rang through the night whenever a company needed a replacement driver or an agency driver failed to turn up. On two different holidays he was…

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