Matthew Williams: Love, Laughter & Truth


Words matter.

Words, spoken in seconds, can echo throughout history.

Words so simple, yet so profound.  Words that changed the world, forever.

Which brings me to ‘The UKIP Apology’ (perhaps not yet part of the modern lexicon but I live in hope). You know the one I mean: UKIP candidate makes grossly offensive comment about foreign / gay / female person; UKIP candidate’s grossly offensive views are splashed across the nation’s press; UKIP candidate apologises profusely for ‘any offence caused’, grovelling for our forgiveness for his ‘mistake’ when he was tired / tricked / taken out of context /  talking honestly and openly without realising his honestly expressed but grossly offensive comments were being recorded.

Because of course he didn’t mean to offend anybody. One of his best friends is gay, and he’s watched every episode of ‘The L Word’.  And, his mother is a woman.  Hell, his cleaner is from Eastern…

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