Jo-Cox-Brit-MP-300x261 Jo Cox

Jo Cox MP was a humanitarian and a tireless campaigner for refugees and, in particular, the war refugees of Syria. She was more than a politician: she was passionate about her work and had been involved in many charities/NGOs that were spearheading humanitarian causes. Her alleged murderer, Thomas Mair, was a vunerable individual who had a documented history of mental health problems. But he also had a long history of association with the far-right. At least three witnesses claim that when carrying out this heinous crime, Mair shouted “Britain First!” (the name of a far right organisation) or “Put Britain first”. Either way, his cause was that of nationalism; his deed that of hate. Fuelling that hatred is the far right, but also the media and even certain political parties – all of which have been bombarding the British public over the last two years with lies and…

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