The World Turned Upside Down

teaching-assistants-ralklyOn Thursday evening, all Labour Party members in the Durham City constituency were circulated with a ‘briefing’ from Councillor Maria Plews, outlining Durham County Council’s case on the Teaching Assistants dispute.

I felt that, as this wasn’t local Labour Party policy, but a defence of a controversial, unpopular and damaging policy (see my blog piece from last week), it should not have gone out from the official local party channels, at least not without a right to reply. I’m not sure who this was authored by, but as it was sent to me by her, I emailed Maria back to ask if a right to reply could be arranged, but received no reply.

So, with the help of Megan Charlton, one of the lead activists in the TAs campaign to fight council pay cuts of up to 23%, we put together some answers of our own. I will update…

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