Tory newspaper The Telegraph made a remarkable admission yesterday. Well, several really.

telegraph panicThe paper admitted that:

  • it had played into Labour’s hands by featuring Labour’s leaked manifesto
  • that Labour’s manifesto policies are proving to be hugely popular with the public – even former UKIP supporters
  • that the Tories recognise that their own manifesto has been a disaster
  • that the Tories have lost control of the election and are desperate to ‘wrestle it back’
  • that panic is starting among Tory MPs because of Labour’s surge in the polls

However, the most remarkable is that the Tories think the only way they can win the election (just think about that: from a 24-point lead in polls, the Tories are now talking about the only way they can win) is to abandon the ‘weeds’ of policy in order to woo former UKIP voters – by talking, essentially, ‘pie in the sky’.

The article says:

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