Tories cocking up Brexit good and proper.They are making it up as they go along.


Remember when Theresa May claimed the UK obviously wanted her and the Tories at the Brexit negotiating table – you know, being strong and stable and all that?

That went out of the window with the election result, then down the toilet when she was reduced this week to begging Jeremy Corbyn to give her some ideas – which he slapped down by telling her, as the SKWAWKBOX exclusively revealed before it happened, that she could have a copy of Labour’s manifesto. He even signed it for her:

corbyn manif signed.pngThe absolute absence in the Tory government of anything even resembling an idea, let alone any competence, was laid bare today by a statement by the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier – in which he told listeners that he was still waiting – three and a half months after Theresa May triggered Article 50 – to hear what the UK’s…

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