Chris was elected on the same manifesto as other Labour MPs.Now speak up for it please or zip it.


Labour MP for Nottingham East Chris Leslie was not a happy bunny after the General Election. In spite of the ‘Corbyn surge’ that reversed the effects of 21 months of disloyal right-wing MPs, an unprecedented, relentless media onslaught, increased the number of Labour MPs by thirty when the party was predicted to lose up to one hundred – and increased Leslie’s own majority from just under twelve thousand to almost twenty thousand – Leslie couldn’t abandon his ridiculously anti-Corbyn position.

Two days after polling day, Leslie spoke to the BBC to talk of missing open goals and, ludicrously, to imply that Labour would have done better with a different leader:

That prompted a serious – and brutally frank – smackdown by former front-bencher Clive Lewis, who called the former Shadow Chancellor ‘a sad, lonely, bitter man’ and warned him he was putting himself in a ‘pretty difficult place’ for his…

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