CWU Eastern No5 Branch

1. A pensions solution for all

2. A shorter working week from 39 hours to 35 for a full-time job

3. An extension to the legally binding agreements

4. A Re-design Pipeline

Terry Pullinger opened the meeting expressing his pleasure at the large turnout.

Terry also spoke of Dave Ward’s current I’ll health and recorded best wishes form this meeting

It’s still early days in terms of current talks. It was asked that those presents don’t come out of the briefing despondent. The attitude of management in the negotiations has been quite short of imagination.

It is of great concern that management nationally have been moving away from the legally binding agreement. This has been reported back to the department via divisional reps

The CWU is being proactive in taking issues to the employer.

The company have almost admitted defeat on growth. They don’t believe they can grow the current…

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