corbyn brighton.pngFew on the left have any doubt that the Establishment – whether in Westminster or in the media – will try every trick in the book to try to check the ‘Corbyn surge’ that rocked the Tories in the General Election, deprived them of their majority in the Commons and has put Labour ahead in polling since.

In June, just after the General Election, the SKWAWKBOX pointed out six ‘desperation tactics’ that a reeling Labour right was planning to use in order to try to tarnish Corbyn’s popularity – and all of them subsequently made an appearance. Some of them continue to be used.

Similarly, the UK’s Establishment media are attempting their own trick to try to take the wind out of Labour’s sails.

After every party conference for years, polling companies have published new polling based on data gathered after the leader’s speech. Unless there has been a disaster…

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