Tory party chairman Brandon Lewis, a man who has developed relentless lying into an art form, announced that a Tory social media army will be unleashed.

MontyPythonHandkerchiefsStrong and stable! Strong and stable!

Taking inspiration from Russian bot farms and from the MAGA mob, a mix of nasty young brats and bitter old gits will regurgitate Tory lies and misdirections.  Smirk-filled provocation, personal abuse and melodramatic fake reactions will be the tone of their online engagement.  

Clearly, the main purpose of the Tory social media army is to distract people away from intelligent debate.  The Tories cannot compete on facts or on clarity of political vision.  They have nothing but the same lies repeated over and over accompanied by petulance.  The Tory social media strategy is the industrialisation of the dead cat tactic.

Some of the members of this army of insincere voices will be paid for their work.  

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