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The Battle of Lewisham when a National Front march in New Cross was stopped by anti-fascists on 13th August 1977 had been preceeded by the Battle of Wood Green on 23rd April 1977.

Below are extracts from a pamphlet published by Haringey TUC on the 40th anniversary of the event. A rally and festival were held on Ducketts Common to mark the occasion with keynote speakers including Jeremy Corbyn.

The original pamphlet which it is hoped to publish on-line in its entirety included an introduction by David Renton and a conclusion by Ian Birchall.

The text below focuses on the events of the day itself only.

My thanks to David Renton for providing a copy of the original pamphlet (published 2002) and to Hazel Potter who produced a version which was sold on the 40th anniversary.

Ian Birchall’s conclusion is on-line here:

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