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So I need to write about what’s been going on in my life over the past week or so, it has been busy and testing to say the least.

IMG_20180607_141826.jpg Me in my back-garden enjoying the sun this week

Universal Credit Update

Well I got my £95.34 Universal Credit Payment on the 6th June. Last month it was 10.50 for two weeks this time it’s £6.89. I’ll lay out why now.

  • Gas an electric for a fortnight – £30.00
  • Water and Sewage Rates –  £30.45
  • Child Immanence Service – £28.00

These are the bills that were paid immediately. There are others such as, Broadband, TV licence and oh, food, that just won’t be able to be paid. This is because Universal Credit is calculated monthly and some bills are four weekly.

Now when I say I’m paid fortnightly, that’s not exactly correct. Because I live in Scotland, I can have it…

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