Protected separated cycling infrastructure has been the norm in the Netherlands for quite a long time. The Utrecht “Berekuil” was the first intersection in the country with a separate level for cycling and one for cars. It was opened in 1944 and it is still being used 74 years later!

In the “bear pit” looking outwards through the tunnel in the direction of De Bilt (east). All cycleways are bi-directional, but – judging from the old pictures – that was always the case.

The Utrecht Berekuil, looking west in the first half of the 1950s. Clearly visible are the four underpasses for cycling. Note that cycling could not take place on the projected “motorway” running north-south. (left to right on this picture). At that time there was no road to the right (north) yet, that was opened later. Picture Utrechts Archief.

Recently I cycled to a place to film…

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