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Pride's Purge

Open warfare has broken out in the Leave campaign.

In an extraordinary attack, leading Brexit campaign leader Daniel Hannan has accused the whole Leave.EU official campaign of being a “wrecking operation”:

In his article on Conservative Home, Hannan brands Arron Banks – the main funder of the Leave campaign – a “charlatan” …

… and accuses him directly of trying to “sabotage” the Leave campaign:

The spectacular meltdown in the Leave campaign comes as several Brexit strongholds – including Grimsby, Stoke-on-Trent and Cornwall – experience intense Regrexit and demand exemptions from Brexit for themselves:

Brexit stronghold town seeks EXEMPTION for itself from Brexit

Banks is giving as good as he gets …

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pnr 170927 DoD Shale gas drilling at Preston New Road. Photo: DrillOrDrop

The Conservative MP for INEOS’s first proposed shale gas site has told the government “we do not want the kind of industrialisation this would bring”.

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Red Brick

A tweet from fellow SHOUT campaigner Tom Murtha summed up the Budget: ‘Is that it?’ he said.

SHOUT’s response to the Budget calls it ‘a missed opportunity’. A bit on the polite side!

Of course there are a few things to welcome. Some lifting of the appalling burden of getting onto Universal Credit. More money for the housing infrastructure fund and a proposal to raise the borrowing caps on local authority housing revenue accounts (but they will have to bid for it). And more money for Grenfell victims and for the surrounding estate.

There are some mysteries still: the £2 billion extra for ‘25,000 council houses’ announced by Theresa May in her Conference speech is now described in the government’s Budget ‘Red Book’ as 25,000 additional affordable homes, which could mean anything. There are still vague promises to ‘look at’ bids for extra money to pay…

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Pride's Purge

The official Leave campaign is openly threatening journalist Carole Cadwalledr with violence for successfully uncovering Russian meddling in the Brexit referendum:

These kinds of threats need to be taken seriously. Jo Cox MP was assassinated by hardline Leavers for opposing Brexit.

Imagine the front pages of the Mail and the Sun and the outrage of Farage and co. if it was Remainers threatening a Brexit supporter like this.

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Pride's Purge

Hopkins’ accuser deletes links to anti-Corbyn faction

A lot of people in the public eye – particularly journalists and politicians – seem to be afraid to say this at the moment for fear it could damage their career or their party.

But I’m not a journalist or a politician so I will.

It would be extremely naive indeed to think there aren’t people cynical enough in politics to use the current appalling sex scandals engulfing Westminster for their own nefarious political ends.

Truth is never black and white. It is always complicated.

And so it is with the Westminster sexual harassment cases coming out at the moment.

Some of the accusations are appalling, particularly the accusations that serious crimes been covered up by both the Tory, Lib Dem and Labour leaderships. I hope in these cases the perpetrators are named and shamed and justice is served:

It was also…

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The media are making much of claims that Clive Lewis ‘groped’ a woman’s bottom at a Novara Media party. This evening, Lewis spoke to the SKWAWKBOX about the allegations – and his tone was incredulous as much as anything.

Not at the fact that Labour is investigating them, which he applauded, but at the way they were being portrayed in the media.

Allegations absolutely have to be treated seriously and investigated properly, so I welcome the fact that the party is investigating them. That’s absolutely as it should be.

But if you look at the detail of what’s being claimed, it doesn’t make sense. The Independent admits that this was the first time I’d met the woman – she’s complained anonymously, so I can’t say whether I met her at all. I hug a lot of people, but I’d never grab anyone’s backside – but they’re saying that this was…

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Red Brick

Some weeks there are just too many interesting things to read, and my highlights this week were a report from Shelter on the use of viability assessments in housebuilding and a blog from the Resolution Foundation on impact of Help to Buy. Both show how poorly-designed policies are pushing up prices and making homes even less affordable.

The Shelter report, by Rose Grayston, ‘Slipping through the Loophole’, based on original research, looks at the ways in which the provision of affordable homes in new development has been undermined since new planning rules were introduced in 2012.

The rules allowed developers to reduce the amount of community benefit they are required to produce as part of a development scheme if their profits are estimated to fall below 20%. (Yes, 20%, sound like a good rake-in for anyone, but this is the minimum figure seen to be competitive in the…

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