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Pride's Purge

Something strange has happened to the Lib Dems.

In the space of a week or so, they’ve gone from being an anti-Brexit party to supporting Boris Johnson as PM and even being against a second referendum.

The Lib Dems have put forward former Thatcher minister Ken Clarke as an emergency Prime Minister. But Ken Clarke is entirely OPPOSED to a second Brexit referendum:

So it seems the Lib Dems have dropped their demands for a second referendum.

Which now makes Labour the biggest anti-Brexit party in Parliament.

If you’re against a no-deal Brexit or at least think there should be a second referendum- you’ll need to vote Labour – whether you usually vote Labour or not.

Just do it.

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Pride's Purge

Denise Bates is dying of terminal cancer.

She is on morphine to help manage the pain, she has a palliative care nurse, is receiving palliative chemotherapy and is in a wheelchair.

But she has been found fit to work.

As a result she has been stripped of her disability benefits for 10 weeks, and has only £6 a week left for food.

That’s not my Britain.

It’s Tory Britain today.

You can donate to help Denise by clicking on this link here.

More info here: Grandmother, 50, with terminal cancer left with £6 a week for food after her benefits were cut four months after her diagnosis

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Pride's Purge

When Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour Party, BBC Panorama aired an anti-Corbyn programme – Jeremy Corbyn Labour’s Earthquake –  about the rise of Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity in what was then called a hatchet job by Corbyn’s team:

But the programme was not made by the BBC. It was made by a private production company called Films of Record whose managing director and executive producer was at that time someone by the name of Neil Grant.

Another anti-Corbyn programme was aired about a year later on a different channel – Channel 4’s Dispatches. The programme – Battle for the Labour Party – is so anti-Corbyn, it prompted a written complaint to the producer about the programme’s “inaccuracies” and “slurs”.

But the programme was also not made by Channel 4. It was made by exactly the same private production company – Films of Record:

The same Films of Record

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“I believe that climate change denial is not just ignorant, it is malign, it is evil, and it amounts to an attempt to deny human rights to some of the most vulnerable people on the planet.”
Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland (2019)
“The real question underlying the question of evil is the following: What is the good? All my philosophy strives to answer this question.”
Alain Badiou, philosopher (2001)

Climate change denial is not new. It is certainly misleading. But is it evil? What you see may depend on where you stand. However, it seems obvious that who is behind the denial is an important factor. If a politician or a journalist denies global heating then this is particularly pernicious. This is because it has a negative impact on public opinion. It is even worse for a scientist to deny reality, especially if it is at the behest of…

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Pride's Purge

We have truly gone through the looking glass and come out in a world turned upside down.

Rabidly antisemitic far-right neo-nazis and Holocaust deniers are hiding their previous antisemitism and forging links to pro-Israel Jewish groups in order to further the popularity of their anti-immigration ideas and sow hate against the Left.

Far-right antisemite Peter Sweden is a key figure linking far-right groups across Europe. Here is just some of his previous views about Jews, from just 3 years ago:

OK. So far so rabidly anti-semitic.

But just look at our Jew-hater Peter now, in 2019:

And here’s our very own Katie Hopkins being “warmly greeted” by right-wing Jews:

Katie, of course, is a close friend of our Holocaust-denying, rabidly anti-semitic Swedish neo-Nazi, who thinks she’s “lovely”:

I’m certain many Jews would be appalled by this, if only they knew about it.

But of course, the antisemitic views of these…

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pnr 181102 Cuadrilla Resources Gas flares at Cuadrilla’s fracking site at Preston New Road near Blackpool, 2 November 2018. Photo: Cuadrilla Resources

A Conservative group has defied party policy by proposing a ban on fracking.

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Pride's Purge

Jeremy Hunt is a rich man. He made all of his money from the sale of a business he co-founded, called Hotcourses.

This, he claims, makes him a successful entrepeneur.

Hotcourses as a start-up owed its entire success to Hunt and his business partner’s ability to persuade the British Council to use its services, subsequently under a pseudonym Sheffield Data Services.

This persuasion, however, was made somewhat easier no doubt by the fact that Hunt’s cousin – former Tory minister Baroness Virginia Bottomley – was vice-chair of the British Council.

And also made easier by the fact that Hunt’s partner in the initial consortium that won the contract, was supposed to be the massive Yahoo. A fact that later, however, turned out to be totally untrue.

The truth is, Jeremy Hunt is not a successful entrepeneur as he claims.

He’s a nepotistic grifter who made good…

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