Pride's Purge

Theresa May’s brand new Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson thinks it’s a waste of money to support members of the armed forces or their families who fall on hard times:

It’s quite frankly unbelievable that this man was ever even considered for the job as Defence Secretary.

If this ever gets out, it would be disastrous for the increasingly desperate Prime Minister. Williamson might have to resign – just days after May’s previous Defence Secretary had to resign for being a security danger and a sex pest:

So best not share this then.


TheyWorkForYou – Gavin Williamson – voting record

Visibly drunk Michael Fallon forcibly separated from attractive Russian spy by minder

Tories take away war veteran’s benefits – for selling poppies!

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After The Revolution

for and entirely inspired by Quincy Lehr
We will pay homeless people to follow
poet and critic Matthias Wetruder. And not just
into drug-stores, dry-cleaners, and taxi-cabs
(though there too) but also into Japanese restaurants
where said homeless person will sit
next table vociferously demanding,
as will be his or her right,
tomato ketchup with their sushi;
into seminars at first NYU,
then the University of Houston, on Uselessness
in The Work of Matthias Wetruder
where they’ll angrily ask questions about Matthias
that Matthias can’t answer; around
branches of Barnes & Noble wearing
a coat with a fungal infection
(and no belt) reciting from the latest
translation into Albanian of Sophocles;
into performances of Vespers for a New Dark Age
at the New York Metropolitan Opera
where they’ll sit behind Matthias making it clear,
by their very body odour,
they know what he’s…

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Pride's Purge


So Theresa May and her Tory pals think even war veterans don’t deserve social security if they fall on hard times:

But at least they could stop rubbing our faces in it by using the poppy campaign to pretend they do care:

If this hypocrisy makes you angry – please share.

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bham rainbow.pngThe West Midlands have long been a bastion of the least pleasant face of right-wing Labour. Birmingham’s nominally-Labour council has been at the heart of the ongoing dispute over the city’s refuse collections, having made a deal with its workers to then renege on it, threaten them with redundancy and lose its court battle humiliatingly in an attempt to block a union injunction.

Birmingham Labour board tried hard to exploit the rules to prevent the city’s new, pro-Corbyn membership majority having a vote in the selection of council candidates for 2018, until it was effectively overruled by Jeremy Corbyn – and even then it slipped through a measure to block an extra six months’ worth of members.

Birmingham Labour MPs formed a core of the ‘chicken coup’, with many publicly calling on Corbyn to resign after the referendum and claiming he was ‘leading the party into oblivion’ – which, after…

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Pride's Purge

Theresa May’s Tory government is taking away 900 specially adapted cars a week from disabled people.

These cars enable people with disablities – who are in wheelchairs, are blind, or who have difficulty in walking – to be independent, get to work, get to medical appointments etc.

But at the same time, Theresa May’s ministers are spending over £1.7 million a year on posh ministerial cars to ferry themselves around.

And that’s apart from the additional expenses ministers get on top of that from taxpayers, for taxis, rail travel and jaunts abroad etc.

It seems Theresa May thinks austerity is only for the plebs …


Sign the petition: stop Motability taking our vehicles

Thousands of disabled people lose special cars due to controversial scheme

Charges incurred by departments for the use of official government cars

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