Source: A Manifesto for Drug Policy Reform – Protecting Families, Reducing Crime | Transform: Getting Drugs Under Control

Source: Public opposition is going to keep the Keystone XL Pipeline from being built any time soon

Pride's Purge

Theresa May has been accused of trying to bury news that NHS GP services have begun to charge for consultations.

In some parts of the UK, NHS patients will have to continue to wait four weeks for a seven-minute appointment with a GP unless they are prepared to pay £40 for a ten-minute phone consultation, £80 for a 20 minute face-to-face appointment or £145 for a 40 minute consultation.

The first roll out of the privatised GP services has already been announced in Dorset.

There has been no comment from the Conservative Party.

Surprise surprise …

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In this episode, Mark Little will be leading us in 20 seconds of hate, we’ll hear part one of The Meaning of Life according to Chuck Hamilton,  Teresa Durran will remind us that seven weeks is a long time in politics, Joe Solo talks about how optistic he is feeling in the run up to this electionRed Raiph reminds you that if you vote Tory, you’re a Tory, Artist Taxi Driver shares his poem on the zombification of Britain, Nick Durie discusses “nationalism” in the UK, and Victoria Pearson asks people to think carefully before throwing the vulnerable people under the Brexit bus.

Neil Scott will be giving us a short reprieve from the election by talking about the red Elvis, Debra Torrance talks Scelection scelectrix and playground politics, Steve McAuliiffe gives us a #fakenews Conservative party political broadcast, Eric Joyce draws…

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The HSE has published a review of the way that the 2012 Control of Asbestos Regulations have been implemented. There was a requirement on the HSE to do this within the first five years of the regulations being implemented, but the HSE seems to have gone well beyond the requirements of the European Directive in… Read in full

Source: Asbestos review shows shocking complacency

May is running her election campaign on an old Tory ploy. It won’t be easy but the left has form on the cultural battlefield, says Solomon Hughes

Source: Morning Star :: May begins assault in new culture war | The People’s Daily

Same Difference

We have no words, so the words are left to our editor’s favourite broadcast journalist, who handled this MP very well yesterday. Lets send this clip viral and hope that he loses his seat next month!

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