Earlier this week the SKWAWKBOX published a simple graphic that illustrated the logic and intelligence of Jeremy Corbyn’s decision to impose a ‘3-line whip’ on Labour MPs to support the first reading of the government’s flawed and rushed bill to authorise the ‘Article 50’ declaration to trigger the process of the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Subsequent to that article – and also independently from it – this blog has been asked on dozens of occasions by Labour members, supporters and even MPs how Corbyn can achieve the excellent amendments Labour is planning, if the Tories know that he will support the bill ‘no matter what’, as he has been reported as saying.

For example, the Guardian has claimed that:

graun-brexitSimilar reports have appeared in the right-wing press, with the only difference being they, of course, welcome it.

Of course, it’s a fair question – as long as the reports…

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