Pride's Purge

Jeremy Hunt is a rich man. He made all of his money from the sale of a business he co-founded, called Hotcourses.

This, he claims, makes him a successful entrepeneur.

Hotcourses as a start-up owed its entire success to Hunt and his business partner’s ability to persuade the British Council to use its services, subsequently under a pseudonym Sheffield Data Services.

This persuasion, however, was made somewhat easier no doubt by the fact that Hunt’s cousin – former Tory minister Baroness Virginia Bottomley – was vice-chair of the British Council.

And also made easier by the fact that Hunt’s partner in the initial consortium that won the contract, was supposed to be the massive Yahoo. A fact that later, however, turned out to be totally untrue.

The truth is, Jeremy Hunt is not a successful entrepeneur as he claims.

He’s a nepotistic grifter who made good…

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